Pieter Rabijns is an architect and photographer living and working in Leuven, Belgium. Trained as an architectural engineer, he worked for plusoffice architects on a wide range of different projects. This experience results in a profound understanding of the built environment.

Pieter sees architectural photography as a means to reflect on the very essence of the built project, narrating its spatial qualities and architectural details within their broader context, while also illustrating meaning through the image itself.

Pieter’s work has been published by, amongst others, A+, AR-TUR, Architectura, Divisare...

In his free time Pieter enjoys making short films and scouring the internet for design furniture he cannot afford. 

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  • Barry by Alec Berg & Bill Hader
  • What We Do in the Shadows by Jemaine Clement
  • Severance by Dan Erickson

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  • All Consuming by Noah Kalina & Adam Lisagor
  • Fragments by Bonobo
  • Cyclorama by Polo & Pan

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